Halal Food in Beijing

Surprisingly, there is a lot of muslim restaurant in Beijing. Almost all major road will have at least 1 muslim restaurant. In smaller sized muslim restaurant, their staff could not speak in English so ordering food with have some difficulties. However, we can ask for their menu and pointed to the picture of food in the menu. Their food menu will have some picture and they also have written price of each food in their menu. Some of restaurant even had menu written in english. Or we can also order food based on the surrounding people ordered food.

The portion of food for each dishes also was a lot, and the price also quite cheap. A plate of fried rice can be shared with 3 person and the price for each plate is only rmb6 to 8 which is around rm4 only. Normally, 1 plate of rice with 2 dishes is more than enough for 3 person meal. If we unable to finish our food, we can ask them to pack the leftover food to bring back to the hotel. If we want to try variety food, we can order for meal set, which consist of rice with 5 dish, but the price is based on per person.

a portion dish.. three of us can’t even finish it..

I found out that most of the restaurant that I go, majority of the food is spicy but nice. The food that I love most their spicy satay, especially the lamb. We will order it every time we ate at the restaurant. U don’t need to bring canned or pre-packed food to avoid heavy baggage, however make sure to bring enough biscuits or chocolate to be eaten between meals or during sightseeing.

daddy’s favorite lamb dish… and look at a portion fried rice at only rm4

my favorite spicy satay

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