Visit to Burj Al-Arab, Dubai

Not every people are allowed to enter Burj Al-Arab, and you need to have a purpose or reservation to enter it. During my visit to Dubai, we decided to spent some money to have breakfast at one of the restaurant inside the hotel in order to experience ourselves the magnificient piece of architecture of the Burj Al-Arab. And it also not cheap. We booked a buffet breakfast through the local travel agent there for an amount of 100usd per pax, and we are quite happy to spend it for the experience that we gain.

me and rina at the entrance of Burj Al-Arab

The buffet breakfast was great. Wide variety of food to choose for from all over the world. Each meal was labeled properly from the origin country of the food come from. Just name it, from asian country food to western to arabian, they have it all. We tasted almost every meal at the buffet counter.. hehehe..

at the lobby entrance to Junsui Restaurant

One of the advantages of having the meal here is that we are also allowed to go to the famous hanging restaurant at the top of the Burj Al-Arab. The restaurants view towards the sea was magnificient. We able to see the shape of The Palm Island from the top and also almost half of Dubai cityscape.

Burj Al-Arab from Jumeirah Beach

at the hanging restaurant

man-made Island of The Palm Jumeirah

View of Jumeirah Hotel and the Dubai city

The overall Burj Al-Arab building design was breath-taking. Every elements of the building was really luxurious and beautiful.

the famous internal column of the building

the building skin

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