India Golden Triangle For Dummies


  1. Bring enough rupee, ringgit malaysia (rm) currency was not well accepted at money changer here.
  2. Their water was just good for washing and bathing but not drinking. At some places and even hotels, the water taps had funny taste and smells. Be prepared to spend for mineral waters.
  3. Bring spare bags to every sightseeing. At some places, we need to open our shoes and they charge ridiculous fee if you left your shoes at the entrance, even for mosque. If you had spare bag, you can keep your shoes together with you.
  4. Be prepared to be chased by beggars. Beggars are everywhere and sometime can be very aggressive.
  5. Don’t thrust any local people who talk and show you around at any sightseeing. They will ended requesting for money.
  6. When you ask any of their local people to snap picture with you, they will also ask for money
  7. Don’t shop at the government shop. Ridiculously expensive and fix price
  8. Beware of scam between shops and tour guide. If you want to go shopping, prefarable you search yourself or go to the market
  9. Most hotel don’t provide free wifi
  10. Try to avoid visiting during summer because it can be very very hot. Even their local people will try to avoid traveling outside during summer time.
  11. Shorts or short skirt is impropriate for ladies in India.


Below is some of good articles for planning your trip to India


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