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After so many years travelling and being customer of Agoda, I felt that it was time I made a review about their popular hotel discount website. More importantly I am making this review of Agoda because I am often asked which hotel booking website I use to book hotels by my friends and family.

Website URL :

I always use this website to search for cheap hotels for my trip. It is a very reliable and and trusted website that always have promotion and discounts for hotels through-out the year. Personally I’ve used Agoda for about 3 years. I’ve recommended them to friends and family for hotel reservations all over the world. To date we don’t have any complaints about Agoda’s services and are quite satisfied.

What I like about Agoda

1. Easy browsing and convenience layout for searching hotels

2. Offers ‘Agoda Reward Points’ that you can earn and can be use for future discount

Agoda offers rates that are either a bit lower or about the same as their competitors. But the benefit of using Agoda is their rewards program. It’s basically a points earning program where you can accumulate points and use them for future hotel discounts. It’s really easy to earn points and there are 2 ways to do so.

  1. You can earn 4% – 7% of the price of the room automatically.
  2. Another really easy way to earn points is to write a review after you’ve checked out of the hotel. Agoda will send you an email within 2 weeks after your stay requesting your review and in return you get 500 easy points to add to your account

Once you reach 12,500 points you automatically get $25 for future discounts. Or you can do what I do and accumulate more points for even bigger discounts.

3. Customer Reviews on the Hotels

A major part of researching which hotel you should stay in is finding out what others have to say about a particular hotel you have your eye on. If you are interested in what other guests have to say about any particular hotel represented though Agoda you can find out easily on their website. It’s a great way for me to determine which hotel I should stay or not stay in. I find it very useful. Take a look for yourself at this particular hotel for example, Kimberly Hotel Hong Kong reviews, that I use as guidelines to get my room for my upcoming visit to Hong Kong. As you can see there is a rating system on different services and quality of a hotel, so that you can easily make a better informed decision on where you choose to ultimately stay.

To me, it’s a brilliant incentive and really works well at having guests state their customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

4. On the spot rooms availability

But what I like most about is the instant room availability feature. Matter of fact Agoda never makes you wait for a hotel reservation ever. Most of their competitors make you wait half a day up to a full day until you know whether or not a particular hotel has rooms available. In Agoda,  I don’t have to wait a few hours or even a full day to find out if a room is available. Best thing of all is that Agoda has a lot of last minute hotel deals which are highly prized because these deals are very limited because of the deep discounts not found anywhere else.

5. Hotel Location Info

Have you ever wondered where exactly the hotel you want to book is located? I do. Especially if I’ve never been to the country before. Through Google Maps, Agoda shows you where all the hotels they list are located. Including other hotel options nearby as well as landmarks and tourist destinations surrounding a hotel.

6. Reliable online payment

Agoda accepts all major credit cards for payments, but you also have the convenience of paying for rooms with PayPal. You have to pay the full amount for the hotels that you select. Their online credit payment are quite reliable and even if you made any cancellation, they will refund within few days depending on your terms and conditions. I’ve made a few cancellation myself, and the refund been credited into my account just within few days.

7. Excellent 24/7 customer support

Agoda also has an excellent 24/7 customer support by live online chat and telephone. I’ve used their online chat most of the time and I have to say it comes in really handy whenever I have to extend a stay at a hotel I am staying in instantly or made cancellation. Once, I’ve unable to make my trip due to some technical difficulties, and need to cancel my room at the same day of arrival. The hotel condition stated in the itenerary clearly stated if cancellation made within 3 days of arrival, 1 night will be charged. After contacting the live online customer support to appeal for the waiver, they help me to contact the hotel and granted full refund for my cancellation.

8. Best price guarantee

Agoda offers customers ‘Best Price Guarantee‘  that state they will either match or beat a price if you find a better deal within 48 hours from booking with Agoda.To be quite honest I’ve never had make do on this guarantee because the room rates either better than other hotel reservation agencies or almost about the same. Though I have had friends tell me that Agoda does match lower room rates if found elsewhere.


This isn’t an easy question to answer because hotel reservation services worldwide is a huge business. And I only travel within specific regions so I can never tell you where to book a hotel in Europe, because I’ve never been there. I can only answer from my research data and experiences alone. I mainly travel in Asia region for leisure. I still do plenty of price comparisons with other websites but I find that Agoda provides me with better hotel discounts 90% of the time.I always recommend people to do some serious price comparisons. With the Internet it is so easy today. And should definitely be a company to take a look at to find some really good hotel deals out there, for whatever country you are planning to reserve a hotel in.

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