How to go to Nara from Osaka

Nara is best reached by train. Nara has two competing train stations : JR Nara Station , on the west side of the town centre, and the private Kintetsu-Nara Station in the city center. However, for those who are using the Kansai Pass, can save a lot by using the Kintetsu-Nara line.

By Kintetsu-Nara Line

Trains on the private Kintetsu-Nara line from from Osaka Namba Station arrive at the Kintetsu-Nara Station every 15min for journey of  30-40min. The station is located at the city center and easier to reach the sightseeing from here.

the kintetsu-nara station

By JR Line

JR line train from Osaka Station or JR Namba Station arrive JR Nara Station at every 20min for journey of 40min for a fee of ¥780

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