Ewha Womans University

If you walk at Ewha Womans University shopping area, don’t forget to visit the university campus itself. The Ehwa campus complex is part building, part green space and part sculpture. Designed by Dominique Perrault Architecture, the campus is formed by two linear buildings that sandwich a long multi-purpose plaza, which can be used for lectures, events, recreation space and leisure. This slice also gives both buildings a narrow footprint that encourages the infiltration of natural daylight. From the main plaza, a wide, gentle slope descends between walls of glass and steel ribs before leveling out and then ascending again, this time more abruptly, up a long flight of steps. It’s a beautiful structure, both in the day and at night, and gives one the pleasingly bipolar feeling of being simultaneously underground and outside, and blurring the line between construction and topography.

The university, known colloquially simply as Edae (이대), is a five-minute walk from Exit 2 or 3 down Ewha Yeo-dae-gil (이화여대길), a narrow road lined with stores catering to the Four Necessities of the Co-ed Life: snacks, coffee, accessories, and assorted cuteness.

4 responses to “Ewha Womans University

  1. Hi, I guess my reply is overdue ^^v I just wanna ask, do we actually can go inside I-Dae and walk around? Do we need to get the permission first? Say..from the guard? I actually went there last September but I didn’t go inside the campus, just the shopping district outside..but I’m going there again this coming October and I might wanna give it a tour around the campus.

    • Hi Kay,

      U can just walk into the university.. no need permission.. but some of the buildings inside required student pass to go in..

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