Muslim Food in Guilin : Freshly Made Rice Noodles

Today, I ate noodles for my lunch.. It reminded me of the rice noodles in Guilin, the best noodles that I’ve eaten so far.  Fresh, light and yummy… This rice noodles were made in the shop and cooked once we order it. And they also had few types of noodles that we can choose, not the typical noodles that we can find in Malaysia. The halal restaurant that I’ve been in Guilin is actually a small local restaurant located at the end of pedestrian street of  Xicheng Road. The price of each meal was reasonable, about rmb8 or rm4 per dish.




For muslims friend who plan to visit Guilin and Yangshuo, no worries… During my short trip to Guilin, I was very surprised that to see halal restaurant can be easily be found nearby in this area. With few mosque spread in the few parts of the city, the halal restaurant can be found nearby it. However, you might need to do some searching as some of the restaurant located either is the small alley or without any visible signage.

one of the halal restaurant located at a hidden alley on Xicheng Road

one of the halal restaurant located at a hidden alley on Xicheng Road

In Guilin, I stayed at The Saphire Blue Hotel, on the pedestrian street of Xicheng Road. There’s few halal restaurant can be found at the end of the Xicheng Road. I would highly recommend this hotel in terms of location and easy accessibility to the sightseeing area. Even the night market at Xicheng Street was just outside the hotel.


  1. The Noodle shop that we recommend
  2. Another noodle shop located at a corner of an alley. From outside looks like a canteen. We didn’t try this because concern of its hygienic.
  3. An Indian Muslim restaurant next to the noodle shop
  4. An established muslim restaurant with a muslim hotel on top. We didn’t try this, but a feedback given by a Malaysian couple that we met, the price was quite expensive.
  5. An Urghul muslim restaurant. They sell breads and lamb.



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