Be Part of the Art : The Alive Museum in Jeju

Visiting museum or art gallery never excite me and it was not my favorite. Normally when I visited any of these place, it just a walked through the area that can last less than an hour… Just go and see..because I quickly be bored when visiting one..

However, there is one art gallery that really excite me during my visit to Jeju Island… The Alive Museum.. Its totally cool art gallery where you can interact and be part of the art itself. The Alive Museum offers up some amazing photo opportunities and fun with its optical illusions which use perspective to manipulate a persons view of reality. This is a great museum for everyone, however, you need to have a companion to enjoy this gallery. We spend almost 3 hour here, posing and taking lots of pictures alongside 2D images and experience a great thrill to see how great they turn out.

The Alive museum was actually the second ‘trick art’ museum in Jeju Island. Located at Seogwipo area, Alive Museum is located near the entrance to Jungmun Tourist Complex, surrounded by pleasing natural environs with a large parking lot to accommodate its many visitors. it has five categories of art which fill its 3,300m2 indoor space

7 responses to “Be Part of the Art : The Alive Museum in Jeju

  1. hi, which one is better? Trick Art Museum in the Seongeup village or Alive Museum in Jungmun?

    • Sorry, I can’t comment on the Trick Art Museum because I haven’t been there.. I’ve unable to find the museum even on my second visit there..
      But I can say, the Alive Museum was very nice.. and location very easy to find at the tourism complex nearby ripleys museum and teddy bear museum..

  2. Hey Deqna,

    Thanks for the great post! Do check out our post of Alive Museum Singapore as well! We particularly loved the shot that seemed like you’re wielding the sword in the air!

    Happy Travels Everyone!


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