The Spectacular Mount Fuji, Japan

Mount Fuji is stunningly impressive.At 3,776m high, it is the Japan’s highest mountain lies 100km of Tokyo. It is famous of its perfectly symmetrical cone shape and stunning views of a snow-capped mountain without a doubt, this mountain has been photographed more than anything else in Japan. However, many had said that Mount Fuji often hidden himself into clouds and poor visibility often block the view of Mount Fuji. And you have to consider yourself lucky if get a clear view of the mountain. As mentioned in several travel guide, visibility tends to be better during the colder seasons of the year than in summer… IT’S TOTALLY TRUE. !!!!

It was an amazing mountain to see in late winter and I was lucky enough to see Mount Fuji with fresh snow during my last visit to Lake Kawaguchi. We got lucky with the weather as the day we visited we had beautiful clear skies. When I see it first time it really takes some time to realize that something so big, symmetric and beautiful exist in real on earth. I must say the feeling is difficult to put down in words. Its top is covered by snow and that increases its beauty a lot. It looks like a perfect canvas paining by the God itself.

There’s a reason why Mt. Fuji is one of THE most photographed and LOVED volcanos. From miles away, Mt. Fuji comes into view, and you’re just speechless ! Its perfectly conical shape makes for STUNNING views.. Here’s some of view of Mount Fuji during my visit to Lake Kawaguchi…. Enjoy !

And to our surprised, we even managed to see a glimpse of Mount Fuji from Tokyo !!!

And even can see the Mount Fuji on our way to DisneySea !!

Be sure to check the weather if you’re planning to a day trip visit. You won’t get to see much if it’s cloudy. There’ are live webcam sites so check before you go.

3 responses to “The Spectacular Mount Fuji, Japan

  1. Hey there. Love reading your blog. I’m going to tokyo end February and planning to stay one night at lake kawaguchi. How did u go to Mount Fuji from tokyo? Highway bus or by train? Which transportation is more convenient? Your photos are amazing, love them! Hope to capture those during my trip.

    • hi… sorry for the late reply.. just came back from another trip this morning..
      My last visit to Mt Fuji, I took the train. From Shinjuku Station, take the JR lines to Otsuki, and transfer to Fujikyu Railway line to Kawaguchiko Station. The whole journey will take about 2hours. I would recommend u to take the train because it is very convenient, plus the scenery along the way also very beautiful..

  2. hey there, I want to ask you, is the Fujikyu Railway line can get free (not have to pay) by the JR Kanto pass ?? or we can get free for the JR lines to Otsuki only ??
    your blog helps me a lot, thanks !

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