Halal Food at Old Quater, Hanoi

For muslims who traveling to Hanoi, finding halal food can be quite a challenge as not many halal restaurant can be found at this part of Vietnam, compared to the Ho Chi Minh city. During my visit, I came across 2 halal restaurant located at the Old Quater area, both within walking distance from my hotel, Hotel Thaison Palace.

An-Nisa Restaurant, located at Hang Tre street was owned by a Malaysian owner. They did serve local malaysian food, and some vietnamese food such as pho and local spring rolls. Price-wise, of course not that cheap but understandable due to the limited halal food available here. We ate here almost everyday during our trip to Hanoi.

Tandoor Restaurant, located at Hang Be street was an Indian muslim restaurant serving Indian Food. Located in the middle of vibrant shopping street, this restaurant can easily be seen by the passerby.

7 responses to “Halal Food at Old Quater, Hanoi

    • thanx for the info.. i believe a lots of muslim traveller will be glad to know that there’s a muslim hotel in Hanoi..
      Will definitely try to stay here if have another chance to visit Hanoi…

      • d’Lions Restaurant HALAL REST
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