My Travelogue : 5 days in BALI

5 days, 5 night.. for second time in June 2010, i visited Bali. This time with my officemate Farah and her 2 friends.

Day 1

Reaching Denpasar airport around 6.30pm, it is already dark in Bali. After pass through immigration and collecting our luggage, we went to the arrival hall and quickly i recognize Beni, the driver or ‘supir’ that will be driving us thoughout our stay in Bali. I’ve been using Beni for my previous trip to Bali with my family, and I can say that i’m quite satisfied with his service. The girls was hungry, so we stop for dinner at a nasi padang restaurant just outside the airport. Farah was very excited as this is her first time to taste the nasi padang, so as Zura and Mai. They were very suprised when the table is served with 15 dishes placed in small plates. I’ve to explain to them the tricks of nasi padang, only take dish that you want and finish it.. if you even eat little in any of the dish, it will be counted as 1 dish in the bill. The food was ok for me, however the girls complaint that the food was terrible.. Hahaha.. since i’ve been travelling to Indonesia for few times, i’m used to indonesian food and didn’t have high expectation. After that, we took some pictures at the statue of ramayana at the roundabout just across the road.

Beni had asked his brother, Roni to drive us to our hotel as he said that he’s exhausted from the daywork. We continue our journey to Ubud which take approximately 1 hour journey. I’ve booked Nick’s Pension in Ubud for a night just to experience the environment there after reading a lot of good review in the internet. Along the way, i’ve chit-chat with Roni about places that we plan to go during our stay in Bali. From inside the van, I was excited to see Ubud at night. At the main road, i saw lots of mat saleh just walking and hangout at the cafe restaurant. Our hotel was situated at a small dark lane called jalan Bhisma, 200m away from the main road. After check-in, I was eager to have a night walk but the others was not interested, maybe afraid of the idea to walk through the dark lane before reaching the main road. I was a bit dissapointed, as we will be staying in Ubud for only one night, and i really want to experience nightlife in Ubud. Instead, I and Farah spend the remaining night surfing the internet at the hotel lobby because the hotel restaurant closed early at 9pm.

our first Nasi Padang dinner in Bali

Day 2

After having early breakfast at the hotel restaurant that facing the paddy field, we started to walk to Pasar Ubud. Pasar Ubud is only 15 minutes walk from the hotel. We admire the paddy field scenery and traditional Bali Architecture along our way to the market. Seller at Pasar Ubud just opened their stall when we reached there. We spend almost 2 hour there before we went back to the hotel for check out. We snap photos around the beautiful hotel before Rony picked us at 2pm. Since we already at Ubud which is center part of Bali Island, we decided to proceed to the north to view the beautiful volcano scenery of Mount Batur &Lake Batur. It is raining along our way there, however we manage to stop at the Tegallalang to snap some photos with beautiful rice paddy terraces background. The rain stop when we arrived at the kintamani area, and we decided to have lunch at the restaurant called Batur Sari which located at the edge of the mountain facing beautiful scenery of the volcano mountain. It is quite an expensive buffet lunch and the food is nothing to shout about, but we actually pay for the view and atmosphere. We eat at the outdoor platform while admiring the beautiful landscape scenery. After lunch, we proceed to Legian which take 2 hour journey with a lots of shop along the way there. Along the way, we did stop at the coffee plantation, silver shop at Celuk area, wood craft shop and painting gallery. We did stop at Giant Supermarket to buy some groceries before proceeding to our hotel at Legian. For the remaining day in Bali, we stayed at Jayakarta Bali Residence in Legian area, which is a service apartment complete with kitchen. It is already 8pm when we arrive at the hotel. We spend the remaining night resting at our room after tiring day.

nice balcony at our room facing the jungle

the nick’s pension

the Ubud Market

narrow road system in Bali… this is actually the main road in Ubud or also called as highway road

at kintamani area admiring the mount batur view

Day 3

After early breakfast, Beni pick-us up at 8am to go to the north area to visit the famous Ulun Danu Temple. The traffic was quite bad in the morning as it is still working day in Bali. Beni drove us uphill a mountain which reminds me of the scenery of Cameron Highland. The place is located in the middle of Lake Bratan that located in a mountain at Bedugul area. It was quite cold when we reached there. We didn’t waste our time to explore the whole temple complex before it slowly covered with mist. After that, Beni bring us to a nearby strawberry park to have some nice strawberry drinks and pancakes. Luckily rain only pouring down when we reached the strawberry park. The strawberry pancakes here was quite nice. We hang around this area until the rain stopped. Then, we continue our journey to west area, to visit Tanah Lot which is more than an hour journey. The Tanah Lot temple area is already full when we arrive there, and we spend 2 hours taking photo and admiring the beautiful scenery of Tanah Lot which located by the sea. After that, we spend another hour for shopping at the stalls outside the temple area, until Beni ask us to stop because we need to proceed to the next destination.. hehehe..  We bought some Bali painting here with a very cheap price.It almost dawn went we reached the town area. On the way back, we also stop for meal at a nasi padang restaurant before we went for souvenir shopping at Krishna. I spend the rest of the night by the swimming area while surfing the net, and the girls just have their rest in our room.

Ulun Danu when the fog start to cover the whole area

nice strawberry pancake and strawberry shake

the Tanah Lot before dawn

the locals performing ceremony at the Tanah Lot temple

Day 4

We planned to do water activity today. Early morning, Beni drove us to Tanjong Benoa where most of water activity happening here. He bring us to one of a water activity operator and showed us some of the activity that they offer. I decided try a dive here while the girls decided just to hang around the beach while waiting for me. I gear up and brought to a dive spot 15minutes away from Tanjong Benoa beach. Overall, the dive was just so and so because the visibility was not that good. I didn’t bring underwater camera, but I did rent one from the operator to capture my experience. Farah and the others was doing some removable tatoo by the beach when I’m back to the beach. After I refreshed myself, we proceed to visit NusaDua area. There is lots of boutique and high end hotel at this area, which most of it heavily guarded for privacy. We just drove around this area, stop at Geger beach before went for lunch. It is still early as we planned to go Uluwatu  for sunset, so, we decided  to hang around Dreamland beach until late evening. At 5pm, we went to Uluwatu. We were amazed to see the whole area was full with monkeys. Big, small, baby and also old… The view from the Uluwatu cliff was magnificent, but we feel very uncomfortable with the monkeys. They don’t just sit there, but they will steal anything from you as well. Almost an hour waiting for the sunset, we feel a bit disappointed because the sun was covered by the thick cloud. When the sunset ended, we quickly walk back to our car to avoid the nasty monkey. Beni bring us to Jimbaran Beach to try some seafood dinner by the beach. The price was at the high side, but we thought to just give it a try. Nothing to shout about the food, just average, but the ambiance was very good. We dine openly under the sky by the sandy beach accompany by the sound of the sea. There is also some dance performance at the stage and also live music performance. On our way back, we stop for some souvenir shopping before heading back to hotel.

ready for my first dive in Bali

lazying at the Geger Beach

at one of the beach at Nusadua area

another beach

at the Uluwatu cliff

waiting for the sunset at Uluwatu

Day 5

It’s our free and easy day. We decided to explore around legian and kuta area by ourselves. We took the free shuttle bus from our hotel to Kuta Square, and hang around that area while window shopping for few hours. After that, we walk to the Hard Rock Hotel as I wanted to see the artificial sandy beach pool inside the hotel that one of my client had been talking about for one of my project. The overall design of the hotel is indeed very cool and nice. We spent almost 2 hour there exploring the hotel compound and taking lots of picture until we feel tired. We ate our lunch at KFC at the Kuta Square and decided to walk back to the hotel. It was a tiring 2km walk back to the hotel, but luckily we were entertained by lots of shops along the way that made us stop every time we see interesting stuff. We also stopped by the Bali Bombing Memorial area at the Legian street on our way back. Its already 4pm when we reached the hotel. We spend the rest of the at the hotel, sun bathing and swimming at the swimming pool, walk at the beach in front of our hotel, and watching local tv show at night.

at the Kuta Square

the Hard Rock ladies

Day 6

Early morning, Beni pick-us for our last day shopping spree, and our first destination, is the Sukawati market. It was still very early when we reached the market and we actually among the earliest customer of the day. The advantage is, most of the seller gave us very good price for being their first customer (although still required to do some bargaining). It almost noon when we exiting the market and proceed to Batek Galuh shop on the way back to the town.  Beni bring us to a restaurant at Denpasar to try nice Bebek meal for lunch. After that, we continue our souvenir spree at Kampung Bali and Krisna, few other shops. It almost dawn when we reach back to the hotel. We spend the rest of the night packing our bags as we need to check-out early morning on the next day.

the painting at the Sukawati Market

Day 7

Roni pick-us at 3am to sent us to the airport. We get stuck in a traffic jam at jalan kuta due to the high traffic at the night bar during the weekend but luckily we manage to arrive on time at the airport just before the check-in counter closed. At 6am,we boarded the plane to return home.


Flight MAS + Airasia = rm160 return

Hotel Nick Pension @ Ubud = RM40

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