Bali for Dummies

Some of tips for first-timers in Bali..

  • Rupiah is the local currency and USD is widely accepted in Bali. If you need to change currency, do not change it at the road side money changer. Those counter are available everywhere in Bali, however cannot be trusted. Their rates seems higher that banks however do not fall into their scam. They will give you small notes, count the amount in front of you and without you noticing, they will hide some of the money before handed over to you. Safer to change at the local banks.
  • Bargain more than 50% when you shop at the market or roadside shop.
  • Driving in Bali can be a nightmare. The roads are narrow and small, especially the roads towards the sightseeing area outside the town. The is no traffic rules here.
  • Please check the local holiday periods and the local religious dates here before you plan to travel here. Bali are over crowded with domestic tourist during this periods. Especially on their school holidays, school busses will dominate all the roads, and with such narrow road system, will be suck in traffic jam everywhere.
  • Some of the tourist attraction was over-rated. Kintamani, driver will stop u at an expensive buffet restaurant to see the volcano view from far, not much to do and foods sucks. Tanjung Benoa, over-crowded and dirty beach with murky water, can’t even see anything if snorkeling. The water-activity price is also ridiculous.
  • Try to avoid peak seasons from July to September because everything can be expensive during this season.

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