Ancient Culture Street in Tianjin

Shopping for souvenirs at Ancient Culture Street was a perfect way to end a trip in Tianjin. The street was filled with shops and this is where I bought a lot of my gifts to bring back home.

This street, Tianjin Ancient Cultural Street, is 687 metres long and 5 metres wide, was already existed since Qing dynasty, 600years ago. Back in the days, there were only a couple stores consisting of commercial pedestrian street. The ancient street is restored and designed in such a way that whoever visits the street will feel that they are going back in time to the 19th century China.  If you want to get an insight to the ancient local way of life in China, the place offers an excellent opportunity. There are many attractive shops if you want to buy handicrafts and souvenirs as the remembrance of the old Tianjin city.

Mama and Daddy at the entrance gate of Ancient Cultural Street

The area is kept clean, easy to walk through. The Ancient Culture Street consists of pedestrian streets – a long main drag with several side streets and multiple alleyways – with shops and stalls lining the sides, mostly decorated in a neo-classic Chinese style. Many shops selling all kind of stuff, and shopping heaven for the ladies. some of the items found there: silk clothing, Tianjin ‘ma hua’ pastry, wooden and metal swords, tibetan and mongolian artifacts, collectible books/stamps/posters/coins, communist era memorabilia, hot soup, kebabs, pipes, musical instruments (Chinese and western), craploads of cheap toys, kites, cell phone purses and accessories, tea, pottery, fake designer watches, antiques, jade… and much more.

Mama shopping for nice chinese artwork

cheap silk handkerchief stall

looking for souvenirs for family and friends

I feel more comfortable to shop for souvenirs here rather than Beijing due to less-aggressive seller at the shops compared to Beijing. And even the price was much lower and cheaper than Beijing, even without bargaining !!.. Some of the boutique shop were in fixed price but we can bargain at most of the little stall by the street. We toured the street for about three hours and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Our total damages of the day.. hehehe

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