Luggage Trolley VS Backpack

Some people like trolleys, and some don’t. Me, myself as a budget traveller,

If you like to travel lightly, you’re better off with a non-wheeled carry-on. Wheels and handles eat up valuable packing space, and they’re frustrating and awkward to haul over stairs or cobblestones. Ditching the wheels can shave several pounds from your load.

You can eliminate checked baggage fees. You don’t have to pay porters and others to carry and store stuff for you. You are more able to take public transportation (even from airports, like flight crews and airport personnel do), rather than limos and (often scam-prone) taxis. You can even walk. All of which also bring you into more intimate (hence rewarding) contact with the people and places that you have come to visit.

Travelers who prefer wheels can use these non-rolling bags with a lightweight folding cart. These can tuck into your carry-on and weigh just a few pounds; your bag plus the cart will still weigh less than a wheeled carry-on. This can be an inexpensive solution if you have a carry-on bag you love, but can nolonger handle its weight — or if you sometimes have to carry heavy things in it.

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