Budget Planning in Kansai, Japan

For a traveler like me who come from Malaysia, Japan is quite expensive place to visit. Everything in Japan is four times more expensive than Malaysia.

However, we can save a lot for the transportation if we get their unlimited ride passes. There is few types of passes available depending on our needs and areas.

1. Osaka unlimited 2 day pass – 2,000yen

  • Tempozan giant ferris wheel – free with pass
  • Osaka Museum of History – free with pass
  • Osaka Kaiyukan Aquarium –
  • Universal Studio Osaka entrance fee – discount 200yen with Osaka pass / 6,200yen normal price

2. Kansai 3days Thru Pass – 5,000yen

3. Kyoto City Subway one day pass – 600yen

I listed some of the price tag that I can remember during my previous trip to Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, and Shiga.

Universal Studio Osaka Souvenirs

  • Charactor’s Handkerchief – 400yen @ 3piece for 1000yen
  • Jaws oven glove – 997yen
  • Jurassic park charactor – 400yen
  • most of keychain – 500yen
  • plastic cases – 500yen
  • t-shirt – 1,900yen
  • biscuits and candy in nice can – from 800yen

Winter clothings at the shopping street

  • Socks – from 300yen
  • mufler – from 1,000yen
  • Daiso stuff – 105yen


  • Starbucks thermos – 1200yen
  • Hamamonyo 90x90cm wrapping cloth – 1,575yen
  • Hamamonyo handle – 735yen
  • Yukata in Kyoto – from 3,000yen

Foods and beverages

  • Starbucks ice blended frappucino – 490yen
  • drinks at vending machine – from 120yen
  • express rice at 7eleven – 100yen for 200g
  • express lasagne at 7eleven – 100yen
  • sushi at 7eleven – from 105yen
  • exclusive Japan flavour kitkat – from 840yen

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