Memorable Trip to Universal Studio Japan

This is my first visit to the Universal Studio chain. It was quite funny cause i haven’t been to the nearer Universal Studio Singapore. On our trip to Osaka last Feb 2012, we decided to spent a bit to visit this theme park. Its not cheap, for about rm240 for a day pass and we spent the whole day there from early morning to the time when the theme park close. And it all worth it. We went during weekday, but surprisingly there were still lots of crowd especially the local school student with their school uniform during our visit there. Normal entrance fee will cost us 6400yen but luckily we had the osaka pass so it entitled us 200yen discount from the original ticket price.

The queue to buy the ticket was quite long, but the lanes moves quite fast. At the entrance  to the theme park, we need to open our bags as they not allowed outside food. Luckily we had wrapped properly and hide the food so the staff did not notice the food that we bring in. Thanks to the forumers and blogs that I reads much earlier about this. hehehe…

the queue at the ticket booth

at the park entrance area

The whole park was quite big. It was decorated based on each character of the theme on the park. The is Shrek, Space fantasy, Terminator,  Spiderman, Back to the Future, Backdraft, Jurrasic Park, Waterworld, Jaws, Hollywood Dreams, and few more. Most of the attractions, rides and shows was in Japanese, however we still enjoy it. We manage to see more than half main attractions, some was not due to limited timing such as the Hollywood Dream Roller Coster rides and waterworld.

in front of the space fantasy area

in front of Spiderman City

the American street

at the back to the future area

the hollywood dream area

at the jurasic park

at the streets

The shops was everywhere. The big shops and restaurant located at the main streets towards each attraction. They sell everything from keychain to shirts and food of each character in the theme park. There is also souvenir shops at every exits of attraction selling things related to the attraction theme. At the streets, there is also portable cart selling souvenir stuffs. The price… hahaha.. for a budget traveller like me, its too expensive. The lowest price for a keychain, 500yen or rm20. T-shirt, 2000yen or rm80. Generally, all the shops and roadside cart selling the same stuff at the same price.

Shopping tips :

  • Some of the attraction shops may have some additional discount for some items related to the character. I’m lucky to grab a sesame street watch on 50% discount.
  • There is also few shop having lucky draw for a price of 500yen, and its a guarantee win stuff. We tried few and we got quite impressive souvenir, some would cost us more than 1000yen if we buy it at the shop.

at the spiderman shop

the roadside cart

try the lucky draw and got myself a nice spiderman album

the hello kitty shop.. yippie… cute..

sesame street pop corn

the big souvenir shop

If you want to explore more on the attraction, you may skip all the shops and only shops at the Hollywood dream area because they had the biggest souvenir shop there with all souvenir for all character under one roof. Although most of the rides and shows ended at 7pm, the shops are still open until the park close at 9@10pm. So you have more times on the attraction and save the shopping spree at the end of the day. Being all girls and love to shop, we did go into most of the shops  and resulted we don’t have enough time for the attraction, really regret that..

the rides closed but the shops still open

the famous Universal Studio globe

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