The Shots : Refreshing Walk at The Bamboo Forest of Arashiyama

Arashiyama is an area surrounded by mountains and running along the Katsura and Hozu rivers in the western part of Kyoto. It’s an area filled with shops, restaurants and temples dating back to Heian period, but it is Arashiyama’s bamboo forest that will take your breath away and literally stop you in your tracks. It was a sight and you wouldn’t want to miss it if you are in Kyoto.

Besides, this town offers more than just bamboo forest. You could have an entire day of tour right at this town with a hike through the bamboo grove, visiting the temple listed as heritage site, having little breaks at the numerous cafes joints along the street and you must, MUST take the little Sagano Romantic Train ride!!! A half hour train ride along the scenic river is totally awesome! Remember to choose the seats at the last cabin where you will enjoy the wind breeze!! It will blown you away!! If you have extra budget, take a river boat and cruise back to the town after the romantic train ride!

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