Transportation in Shenzhen

For a first timer in Shenzhen, Shenzhen is quite easy to visit via its Subway system or via taxi. The airport, the border of Shenzhen-Hongkong and most of the attraction in Shenzhen is  connected by Subway. And you even can go to Guangzhou by connected by railway train from Shenzhen. The subway line 1 is the most popular as it linked to most of the place that tourist will go.

The Shenzhen Subway Map

You can buy the ticket to ride the subway from the vending machines at the subway station. It is easy to use because they also had instruction in English, so we just key in our intended destination and the number of person, and it will show the amount that we need to payment. However, most of the machines only receive small notes and sometimes the queue to buy the ticket can be very long. If you don’t have small change, do not worry, as you can change the notes at the service counter available at every station.


Taxi are available easily, but most of the driver do not understand any english. So it will be difficult for a non-spoken chinese tourist to communicate with the taxi driver. You can get the receptions to write your destination place in chinese on a piece of paper and show it to the taxi driver.

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