Chasing Typhoon Samba in Jeju Island

16 & 17 September 2012 was one of the special date in my travelogue. It was the date when Typhoon Samba hits Jeju Island and I was there !! It was my first to experience typhoon… Yeah… there’s no typhoon in Malaysia and to experience it during one of my trip was actually a mix-reaction.. good and bad.. excited and scared.. all at the same time… Being me, instead of taking shelters and stay in our rooms, we just take our chance to experience the typhoon, proceed with our sightseeing and it turns out to be quite a good experience..

Actually, at first, we don’t really know that Typhoon Samba gonna hit Jeju Island. Earlier when in Seoul, we didn’t watch any news as all was in Korean and nobody informed us before we fly to Jeju. Early 16th September, we took the first flight to Jeju. When we reached there, it was raining and we feel quite disappointed  because our original plan already affected. We pick-up our rental car and decided to change our plan to visit the indoor attractions such as Ripleys Museum and Alive Museum at Jungmun Area. Reaching noon time, the rains still didn’t stop and we drop by to a nearby tourist information centre to ask for the weather forecast. From there, we’ve been informed that the weather going to be worst in the evening, and a typhoon will hit Jeju Island. Our first reaction… shock, scared and disappointed… After discussing with my fellow friends, Rina and Ili, we decided to proceed with the sightseeing, since the rains still not heavy at that time . At least we can view the nice places from the car. I decided to drive towards South-West of Jeju, the place that I have not covered during my last visit to Jeju in May 2012.

Once we reached Mt Songaksan, we can’t resist ourselves to went out of the car although raining and strong winds, to snap pictures of the beautiful scenery there.. and yes.. its rains, and its beautiful. Mt Songaksan is actually a famous drive destination. There is also an Olle hiking route here. We could hear sirens and announcement been made from the nearby port city. When the winds started to grow stronger, we went back to our car and proceed to drive towards Mt Sabangsan by using the coastal road. Even from inside the car we were stunned to see the beautiful scenery along the coastal road. No wonder the driving path, which extends from Mt Songaksan to Mt Sangbangsan, is noted as one of the most beautiful coastline driving in Jeju. When we reached there, we were quite dissappointed to see Mt Sangbangsan tourist area were closed due to safety precaution for typhoon. As the weather getting worst, we continue our way towards the hotel in Seogwipo area. Along the way, noticed only few cars on the road and hardly see any people walking at the streets. And most of the buildings having masking tape at the windows.. I’m not sure why, but what I’ve heard through the radio, putting the masking tape could reduced the impact of the strong winds from breaking the glass. We reached the hotel just before dawn.

taking shelter from the rains and strong winds

remains of a ship from the previous Typhoon Bolaven that hits Jeju just few months before..

We decided to spend the whole night in the room as the weather getting worst, not much of rain, but the winds getting stronger. While we in our room, we could hear loud sound from the winds blows. Even the electrical post just outside our room making some sounds whenever the wind blows. Oh ya, we did go out to buy some food from the grocery store nearby our hotel, and Rina almost fall being blown by the harsh winds. We spent the whole night in the room while watching the tv news and surfing the net for further updates on the Typhoon Samba status. The Typhoon hits Jeju early morning at about 5am, and we didn’t noticed it as all of us were sleeping soundly… hehehe..

rina trying to take cover from the strong winds

Early morning, after breakfast, we noticed that the weather getting much better. With only minor rains and winds, we decided to go outside and proceed with our sightseeing. And luckily we did.. We drove towards the east and we could see black clouds ahead of us. We took the coastal road to see the after effect of the typhoon, and stopped at few location to snap some pictures. The waves was quite big. At some area, it even smashing the retaining wall onto the road. We noticed that clear blue sky started to appear and the black cloud moving away towards the north.. The whole scenery cannot be describe by any words. We feel like we were chasing the typhoon… hehehe.. Even when we reached the Seopjikoji Coast, it was still covered by black cloud… at after a while the black cloud move away and the blue sky appears. We spend the whole day outdoor, taking the coastal road from Seogwipo to Seongsan Ilchulbong, to Mangjanggul to Wind farm…

big waves smashing the retaining wall

the dark cloud moved away and the blue sky appears

seaweeds washed away at the beach

at Sepjikoji Coast

dark cloud covering the Seongsan town, view from the Seongsan Ilchubong Peak

The whole experience was very nice.. It was a great experience.. It proves that there’s beauty in every disaster…

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