The Agra Fort in Agra

India contains many splendid buildings from the past and this Agra Fort is up amongst them. Built of red stone, like the Delhi Fort, Agra Fort will give you an enjoyable hour as you walk around. I really liked this fort. It is very large and much of it is still intact. This is where Shahjehan was imprisoned by his son after building the Taj Mahal for his dead beloved wife. It is sad to go to that room and imagine him looking out at the Taj and thinking of his wife. Indeed you can view the back of the famous Taj from the Agra Fort, shimmering in the mist behind a dried-up river bank. It is worth going after a sunrise visit to the Taj Mahal. This is another huge fortification which has to been see to believed. The Indian Army still uses more that half the Fort.

Entrance fee for foreigner : rs250

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