Japanese Hospitality in Nara : The Nara Prefacture Tourist Information Center

During our visit to Nara, we accidentally went into the Nara Tourist Center due to very cold weather. Our original intention is to find a place to warm ourselves for few minutes , but we ended stay almost an hour at the tourist center. The people, the service, and the place itself.. we love it all.

We had been greeted by the locals from the first step when we went into the tourist center.  We had been offered nice seating and a nice hot coffee and tea to warmed ourselves. Although most of them don’t speak in English, they will try their best to help us when we need any assistant. They also give us a usefull map of Nara that we utilized during our sightseeing.

The place itself was very nice. It is design in modern Japanese Architecture with nice landscape design. The scenery from the open terrace at the first floor of the center was breathtaking. We can view the most of the Nara area from here.

One of the attraction at this place was there is a machine to experience earthquake. We were offered to experience the earthquake in Japan and it was unforgettable experience. For those who planned to visit Nara, I would highly recommended you to visit this place.


The Nara Prefacture Tourist Center located at the main street just opposite the Nara Museum. It is almost 1km walk from the KintetsuNara Station.

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