My Travelogue : Winter in Tokyo and Sapporo ( part 2 : The Disney’s Fun )

It was quite some time I haven’t updated my travelogue… Yeah, caught with my works leave me lesser time to write.. Lots of friends ask me about my last trip to Japan, so I decided to continue my writing on my journey to Tokyo and Sapporo…

Day 5

We had a late start of our day as we wake-up quite due to the hectic day we had the day before. Our JR Kanto pass had expired yesterday, so we decided to buy the normal one-way ticket from the ticket machine as we only plan to spend the whole day at Tokyo Disneyland today. From Ueno Station, we took the JR Yamanote line with a transfer at Tokyo Station to Keiyo line towards Maihama Station. It was a long transfer walk at Tokyo Station,  luckily we had to walk mostly underground full with shops… we even stop at some of the shop resulting we spent almost an hour before we ride the train to Maihama station where the Tokyo Disneyland entrance located.. hahaha..


Its already 10am when reached the Tokyo Disney Resort entrance, and we could see lots of people already surrounded the whole place. Since we were unsure the exact location of the park entrance, we just followed the crowd until we reached the Disneyland entrance gate, about 500m from the Maihama Station. Guess what??? The ticket booth was full !!! Queue at each booth was very long!!! Luckily their system was very efficient and fast and 30mins later, we already entering the park ready to explore the whole area.

Once we went through the gate, I could see smiles and hear laughters,  young, teens, elders, parents!! All hearts became young!! We met with few Disney character, and have our pictures taken with  some of them, the pinochio, mr cricket, goofy, captain cook and few more. The more popular character such as mickey, minie and donald duck having large crowd , so we just don’t bother to waste our time just to queue. We knew that the park closed earlier during winter around 7pm, and it will be dark at 5pm, so, we had planned to keep the souvenir shopping to the end of the day and concentrate the daytime that we had by exploring the whole park and rides. However, we just can’t resist ourselves taking lots of picture at the World Bazaar street before we proceed to the rides. The place was superb !!

Guided by the english map that we had,  we start our day by exploring the Adventureland and Westernland, then Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, ToonToon town and ended at the Fantasyland again. We tried as many rides as we can, including some popular rides, however we did missed some rides due to the super-long queue. We avoided the weekend and thought Monday was a good time to visit for a less crowded time but to our surprise it is still very packed with people, mostly Japanese youngsters. I would recommend anyone who comes here to get the fastpass else you’ll waste all the time waiting, and mind you waiting for long queues in cold shivering winter isn’t pleasant at all. However, we manage to see both day and night parade. We hang around the park until all rides closed. Then, we went to the souvenir shops to get ourselves some disney items until the park closed at 7pm.  We even continue to shop at a big disney shop outside the park until we were among the last guest to the exit the place.. hahahaha…


We took the same train back to Ueno. Since the night still early, we decided to explore the Ueno area before we went back to the hotel. We stroll along the Ameyoko Streets and even the Red District of Ueno.. hehehe.. Its almost 11pm when we reached on room.

Day 6

We woke up very early morning today as we planned to watch the tuna auction at the Tsukiji Market. We ride the second train at Ginza Line and reached the tourist registration center at Tsukiji Market by 5.30, but unfortunately all 120seat for the tuna auction for today was already  taken.  Feeling a bit disappointed, we stroll down alleys towards the outer market of the Tsukiji Market. Actually, it’s also quite fun to walk around the fish market that early because everyone is getting set up and there is a lot of activity. I’m quite surprise to see how cheap the fresh tuna and salmon sold here, and we even bought 6pieces of fresh salmon block for only 500yen. Cheap and delicious…. !!!!… Feeling excited with our catch of the day, we stop by at sushi Zenmai for early sushi breakfast. I’ve read a lot in the internet that trying sushi at the market is a must.. and it turned out to be true.. It was the most delicious sushi I’ve eaten in my my life. We tried the best tuna pieces as recommended by all, and it really melt in my mouth..!!! After few pieces of sushi, and we already feel full. After the delicious breakfast, we returned back to the hotel to store the salmon block. Rush had marinated the salmon block and keep it the fridge for our dinner later. After refreshed, we went out to our next destination, The Tokyo Disneysea.. !!!

Already familiar with the routes to Tokyo Disney area, we took the train to the Maihama Station. From there, we need to take the Disney Resort line to the DisneySea station, as the DisneySea entrance located at the other part of the area. We ride on a cute disney theme train, even the windows and holder was in mickey’s shape.. Few stations from the Disney Resort station, we reached at the Disneysea which located by the sea. I feel very excited once we enter the park area. It was HUGE.!!!. And it also looks very different from the appearance of DisneyLand area that we visited yesterday. DisneySea is an nautically-inspired park with attractions aimed for the older set. It’s different zones reflect different aquatic worlds found in history and literature – the American Waterfront, Mysterious Island, Port of Discovery, Arab Coast, Lost River Delta, and the Mediterranean Harbor. Each zone is meticulously detailed and I particularly love the Steampunk-inspired sets of the Mysterious Island. Other than the appearance of the park, the rides is also more interesting compared to the Disneyland. My favorite of all, The Tower of Terror. Thanks to the Fastpass system, we managed to ride almost all popular rides. We walked around the park, enjoy the rides, camwhoring, watch the musical parade on the water, and having fun like kids. And of course, shopping spree at the end of the day…  As usual, we were among the last to exit the park… Hehehe…

Upon returning to Ueno station, we had decided to make unscheduled de-tour to the Tokyo Skytree as the night still young. We took the metro line to Asakusa Station and transfer to Tobu Skytree line to Tokyo Skytree station. The Tokyo Skytree tower was beautiful at night, fully lighted and it is nice to see when its in front of us. We feel quite disappointed once we reached the tower area as the mall below the tower was already closed as early as 9pm. However, luckily the viewing platform of the tower still opened until 11pm. So, we decided went to the viewing platform for an entrance fee of 2,000yen per person. At the highest viewing platform in Tokyo, we could see the whole Tokyo in 360degree… IT WAS AWESOME !!!!!… We hang around the Tokyo Skystree viewing platform until its closed.

Feeling extremely tired from the activities we did for the day, we almost lost our way back to Ueno, confused on which train to take and feeling dis-oriented.. hahaha… We did stop for coffee break before we went back to the hotel. It already midnight when we reached our hotel. After refreshing, we started to pack our luggage as we will check-out early tomorrow for our next destination, to Sapporo. Oh ya, thanks to Rushd, she had cooked a nice salmon meal for our late diner, despite we were all very tired. Thanks beb…. It was the best salmon fillet that if eaten so far… nyum..nyum…


6 responses to “My Travelogue : Winter in Tokyo and Sapporo ( part 2 : The Disney’s Fun )

  1. I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme.
    Did you make this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you?
    Plz reply as I’m looking to construct my own blog and would like to know where u got this from. appreciate it

    • Thanks for dropping by to my blog.. I just do it myself using one of the theme in wordpress… kinda simple blog to share my travel experience for those in need.. 🙂

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  3. Assalam kak. Saya dari Brunei. Plan mahu pergi Hokkaido tahun ni direct flight dari spore sebab tak berapa tahu dengan transportation d sana. InsyaAllah. Tapi setelah membaca blog akak, saya rasa seronok nak explore tokyo juga, pergi ke disneyland dan disneysea nya. Boleh akak beri panduan atau itinerary? Keliru sangat dengan rail station dia. Saya plan dari spore pergi tokyo (disneyland, disneysea, shibuya, lake kawaguchiko) then ke sapporo, tengok otaru canal, melawat muzeum music box. Jika akak tidak keberatan lah, 🙂 ini email saya terima kasih kak..

    • Hi Zeha,
      Rail network in Japan mmg quite complicated, u really have to study before u go there. Ada byk jenis rail network, subway, metro, train, jr, private line.. Tapi once u dah familiar, it’s actually quite fun..
      No worries.. U can just drop me a mail.. Insyaallah, I’ll try to help any of your queries..

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